Menyatakan Rasa Lewat Puisi – The sun was high enough to be able to peek through the window Senna room. He woke up from sleep and rushed up from the bed. His countenance radiated greet happy holidays. Yesterday, he has prepared the necessary wealth for a few days. Senna, mother, and two brothers will move from the city to set foot in Yogyakarta.

After completion of preparing, Senna immediately approached the family who had been waiting at the dinner table. Come on, quick meals so that we do not miss the train, “Mom commands are greeted with a nod of approbation as an answer.

Right at morning, Senna and his family went to a haven that will be boarded trains, stations Sudimara. Before arriving in Yogyakarta, they stopped at Senen Station, Jakarta to move to the train that will go to their destination. Been waiting a few hours, the train has not arrived. It was a little discouraging Senna holiday.


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