Menyatakan Kata Terbaik Asik – Under the rain, Aravita walked aimlessly. He just follow where his foot stepped, does not have a definite purpose. He was armed only with the clothes of her body, which was soaked through.

So, all this time you’ve had a fiance? I do not have thought you setega this! During this time, I thought you were my last pair, you’re the best for me! In fact? Bullshit! Fuck you Listen to me please! “Ara did not want Kata Rayuan to hear any explanation for it, the more his heart frozen, numb. He does not need any explanation, that he had seen earlier was enough to prove waffle Rani, her best friend.

Show time is 2 hours a night, but he had not yet returned to her home, she still wants to roam the streets unaccompanied by anyone, just the sound of rain and lightning rintikan faithful to accompany him. He does not care about the phone ringing already several times-or even dozens of times went into his cell phone. He just wants to be alone.

Rain Brings Love – Short Story of Romantic Love While Ara was enjoying his grief, his cell phone rang again. Listed numbers to call her where are you dear? Fast home, son “mama voice soft and a little worried, make Ara little quiet, but not as quiet as his life before-before this unfortunate event occurred.


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